Bright Spots During the Winter Blues

February in New England this year has been bitter cold and snow-filled. As a self-proclaimed “winter lover” I should be in my glory right? Well, lately my enthusiasm has been wavering. Being trapped at home was glorious during the first few storms, but as the snow piles become more mountainous and the shoveling won’t cease for a single weekend… let’s just say it’s getting old. The charm and coziness of the first few storms has worn off, and the winter blues have set it. The winter blues: when one is longing to be outside in temperatures above 30, when one is deprived of sunlight, when one feels trapped by the piles and piles of white snow everywhere, when one just needs some variety please… those are the winter blues. They strike most often in February- the shortest month which feels the longest. So what is the solution? I have found that, though more difficult this time of year, noticing makes all the difference. Noticing what? The goodness of course.  Gatherings, candlelight, good food, a new knitting project, a night out. I have tried all of these things this past week, and they have made a difference.
There were visitors from Brooklyn to enjoy. They brought excellent New York cheesecake. Roses and Earl Grey tea completed the picture there. Just the act of buying roses for friends in the middle of February helped! It truly is the little things. We were snowed in; and spent the weekend watching movies (The Ideal Husband, The 100 Foot Journey, and Persuasion), knitting, eating, and taking personality tests (I am IxFJ). I needed a weekend with friends, and I got one that was perfect.FebBlues1
A family dinner also took place, which truly brings a bright and warm feeling to the harshest winter blues. And just last night, Ethan and I tried an English restaurant in an old colonial Inn in Temple. It was snowing again, very steadily, but it made the food and drink all the more appealing. Ethan had fisherman’s pie and an excellent beer called Hobgoblin. I kept it light, having a couple of stuffed mushrooms, a vegetable mulligatawny soup and a salad. Sometimes a night out is just the best thing!FebBlues3 I’m glad that last weekend I decided to did out my big camera, clean out my memory card, and re-start my blog. Even if no one ever reads this blog, keeping a record of words and images that make me more appreciative is important to me. I want to start noticing again.