this moment

visiting my old stomping grounds to check on my garden, and finding classic New England autumn beauty
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my first snow







Left in the house today by a sore throat and a heavy-headed feeling, I am enjoying just taking in my surroundings. For me, this is the first substantial snow of the winter, as the official first snow came when we were away in St. John. I did some journal writing and finished a small gem of a book, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey; hence the picture of the snail shell I’ve held on to for years. Our heater is finally fixed (at just the right time- it wouldn’t be so pleasant sitting here in the cold) but I’m still anxious for our wood stove to be installed at some point next week.
I’m looking forward to an encouraging pioneer meeting this afternoon and then a meal with friends afterwards. I hope I feel a little better after a hot shower. Until then I am content wrapped in a blanket, watching the slowly swirling snow xx C