What did I do on my week off from library land? Why, I went antiquing of course! With a new home to fill and complete, I was on the hunt for a few key pieces. Curtains for all the rooms (I only found ones for my kitchen- and forgot to post a photo of them, drat! But they are a lovely dark peach colored gauze material), a kitchen hutch (success!), shelving for all rooms (still searching…), and a little rack for our shoes which are piling up by our front door (also still looking). It was just fun to have totally free afternoons (I wish I could always be on vacation!) to explore the awesome antique shops around Southwestern NH. My Favorites are White House Antiques in Wilton and Twin Elm Antiques in Peterborough. In my humble opinion, they should be called “Treasure Shops” 🙂
I was thinking of getting this little white shelf for my kitchen, but it was too small.. but look at that watering can! It’s so sweet! I might have to go back to get that.
I loved the contrast of this beautiful handmade blanket inside this huge copper bowl.. both were out of my price range, unfortunately.
I love vintage textiles.. look at those oak leaves and acorns! Such sweet embroidery 🙂 and baskets of buttons are always fun to dig around in.
This is the detail on the mid-19th century kitchen hutch I wanted to purchase (well, if I had over 1,000 dollars and if my kitchen wasn’t the size of a shoe-box…). I love the craftsmanship that went into those really old pieces. Just beautiful.
The full size of the mid-19th century kitchen hutch. Gorgeous.
The hutch that I ended up buying! It fits into the kitchen perfectly!
What really sold me on this hutch is the rough wooden bottom shelf. It looks like it was painted dark green at one point, and brown at another point. Both paint colors have since worn and the lovely original wood is coming through.
I also ended up with this little wooden divided box, which is now a little earring holder. Handy.
Another shot of the divided box, in the afternoon light.
What fun. I can’t wait to go treasure hunting again 🙂


I have been sick the last few days, so this post sort of lacks a focus (I’m still feeling pretty lousy). All the same, I did not want these photos and memories to be trapped in my iPhone for months (or forever) as I move on to other topics. These photos represent what the middle of June has been like. This beautiful month which seemed like it was lasting awhile, is now fleeing away quite quickly. I’m trying to hold on to each moment, as I know we probably won’t live in this beautiful place for another June.

A flowering dogwood at the farmer’s market in town.

Our lovely screen porch that has seen much sitting in the past couple weeks.

My first ever pottery creation on the wheel. I started a class last week, I think I’m in love…

There have been plenty of thunderstorms, which leave a wet silence and beautiful mist when they go, interrupted only by the trilling of happy tree frogs.

I’m trying to keep tiny fresh flowers by my bedside all summer long, and trying to drink wine more often – it’s a simple luxury I often forget about

The first “harvest” from our garden! A handful of crisp, yummy lettuce.

I love putting antiques to use! I found this amazing old tin at a local shop. It is now my lunchbox!

It’s quite a pretty present if I do say so myself! I gave this to my sister in law for her graduation last weekend.

The poppies bloomed! One of my favorite flowers. Now I know to admire them outside because the petals fall off of them in a day or two when cut.

So there they are, some bits and pieces of the middle of June. I love capturing all the little things; making them into something special.

the summer mantle

Each time I find something special outside, I’ll add it to our mantle. Stones from Maine, a peacock feather, a flower, a butterfly. I’ve added these things to an already full shelf of pottery found at the dump, dried roses from our engagement, and my great grandmothers framed schoolwork. All of it is mixing quite well, and makes for a lovely summer mantle.







a studio space, finally

It’s been awhile, blog! But I’ve been up to a few things (and someone recently showed me all the various joys of Pinterest, so in my “technology time” I’ve been a bit distracted), the best of which is my studio corner! It’s finally put together! Here are the before pictures:


And here are some in-between pictures(craziness):


And… Done!


I’m so thankful to have a space devoted to creativity in our little house. And very excited to see what comes of it … x C

winter activities in progress

Sometimes it feels like I have too many interests. Too many books to read. Too many projects. But on a snowy afternoon like this, I love having all these little odds and ends to choose from:





The green scarf is for Ethan. It’s my “sampler” scarf that Tammy at my work is helping me with. She taught me to purl, which has opened up a variety of new patterns and designs for my knitting. The embroidery is a pattern from an old Dutch sampler, I’m doing it in all one color to get the hang of it, but hopefully more colorful embroidery will happen in the future. Although, I’m loving the red on ivory contrast, I can thank @soulemama for her inspiration. Along with all the projects, I am wading through piles of books that I keep compulsively checking out of the library- crewel embroidery, Home Economics (vintage home care- a gift from Morgan), Aesop’s Fables, the Nature Notes and Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, The World of Downton Abbey (season 3 is coming up so soon!!!), the complete poems of e.e. Cummings, and A Lady Cyclist’s Guide to Kashgar (Library Journal rated it the best historical fiction novel of 2012, so I had to give it a try). Keeping me company amongst all these pursuits is a warm peppermint latte in my favorite mug. Here’s to a snowy Sunday afternoon~ enjoy yours too! x C

well look at this, we’re cooking.







Monday night: Pork and mushroom Marsala over fettuccine
Tuesday night: midwinter minestrone

Ethan and I are cooking up a storm! We’ve tried a few recipes, and (much to my surprise) they’ve all turned out good (great even!) And, more importantly, we are cooking together. This means that I do not have to pound out meat or cut off fat or stir boiling pots alone. Which is a very lovely thing xx C

my first snow







Left in the house today by a sore throat and a heavy-headed feeling, I am enjoying just taking in my surroundings. For me, this is the first substantial snow of the winter, as the official first snow came when we were away in St. John. I did some journal writing and finished a small gem of a book, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey; hence the picture of the snail shell I’ve held on to for years. Our heater is finally fixed (at just the right time- it wouldn’t be so pleasant sitting here in the cold) but I’m still anxious for our wood stove to be installed at some point next week.
I’m looking forward to an encouraging pioneer meeting this afternoon and then a meal with friends afterwards. I hope I feel a little better after a hot shower. Until then I am content wrapped in a blanket, watching the slowly swirling snow xx C

setting up house




I’m having a lot of fun decorating the new house. It helps that it’s such a great space to work with; that makes it easy. From the top ~ the little bathroom nook. I love that wall paper! The kitchen counter- complete with the dog plate, one of this past summer’s Brimfield finds (which I was made fun of for haha). The open shelving in the kitchen, where everything seems to go together quite nicely. Then the wooden bowl of found (okay I bought the quail’s eggs) natural objects in front of the fireplace. I am in love with this house.. x C