poem: deer

This silent space
is filled with me and
a small fly careening
around in circles.

Outside each oak leaf
dips and shakes just slightly
in a hardly
perceptible breeze.

I scared a deer this morning.
He was munching
on tall grasses
in the wide open field.

My approach was quiet.
I kept my head low
and paused
to see how close I might get.

At fifteen feet
his head jerked up.
He snorted, turned, and bounded
away; tail lifted.

He seemed shocked
by his own carelessness,
letting me be there;
so unknowingly close.

Close enough to feel underfoot
each leap he took;
white tail waving,
gone in a flash.


I have been sick the last few days, so this post sort of lacks a focus (I’m still feeling pretty lousy). All the same, I did not want these photos and memories to be trapped in my iPhone for months (or forever) as I move on to other topics. These photos represent what the middle of June has been like. This beautiful month which seemed like it was lasting awhile, is now fleeing away quite quickly. I’m trying to hold on to each moment, as I know we probably won’t live in this beautiful place for another June.

A flowering dogwood at the farmer’s market in town.

Our lovely screen porch that has seen much sitting in the past couple weeks.

My first ever pottery creation on the wheel. I started a class last week, I think I’m in love…

There have been plenty of thunderstorms, which leave a wet silence and beautiful mist when they go, interrupted only by the trilling of happy tree frogs.

I’m trying to keep tiny fresh flowers by my bedside all summer long, and trying to drink wine more often – it’s a simple luxury I often forget about

The first “harvest” from our garden! A handful of crisp, yummy lettuce.

I love putting antiques to use! I found this amazing old tin at a local shop. It is now my lunchbox!

It’s quite a pretty present if I do say so myself! I gave this to my sister in law for her graduation last weekend.

The poppies bloomed! One of my favorite flowers. Now I know to admire them outside because the petals fall off of them in a day or two when cut.

So there they are, some bits and pieces of the middle of June. I love capturing all the little things; making them into something special.

the summer mantle

Each time I find something special outside, I’ll add it to our mantle. Stones from Maine, a peacock feather, a flower, a butterfly. I’ve added these things to an already full shelf of pottery found at the dump, dried roses from our engagement, and my great grandmothers framed schoolwork. All of it is mixing quite well, and makes for a lovely summer mantle.







a turn in the garden

To take a turn in the garden seems such an English thing to do. The big house is surrounded by gorgeous gardens. I try to get out there each day to see what is coming up and try to spot some critters- hummingbird moths, butterflies, swallows, wild turkey, even deer. Every time I walk out there I’m just filled with gratitude and happiness.









there is such peace and happiness in creation.

the goodness of june

Oh, June. You are surely becoming one of my favorite months of the year, and we’re only half way through! This makes me happy. This June there has been….

a lot of screen porch sitting, enjoying oranges and my first ever home-made pizza! Broccoli rabe, pepperoni, shallots, garlic and manchego cheese.. yummies!
a visit to the drive-in.
the biggest, best flower I have ever seen! I love that flower.

a completely new haircut! The shortest I’ve had it since I was a toddler!
many trips to the flower gardens surrounding the big house, gathering the beauties with my new basket from A Market.
flowers in every corner of the house, these are on my nightstand.
a blueberry pie baked by Lori for Morgan’s graduation day celebration.
plenty of visits to the farm stand in town for ice cream and a chance to say hello to the farm animals
entertaining ~ a lot of work, but well worth the efforts.

I’m sure the rest of the June will be filled with much of the same goodness. I await happily, appreciating everyday.