Brimfield treasures

Last Friday I got to go to Brimfield again, by myself this time. It was fun to meander around at my own pace. I wasn’t as excited to go to Brimfield this go around for a few reasons. One, we are trying to save money (always haha) so I felt a little bad running off to the largest antiques show in the world where I would invariably spend some money. So I made an agreement with myself to only buy something I had a definite use for in my mind, and only I I really really love it. Here are the happy items I really really love:




I found the silver dogwood ring for just ten dollars! That was a piece I have been searching for at all of the last Brimfield shows I’ve been to. The embroidered napkins were too beautiful to pass by- especially at a dollar each. They were my first purchase of the day, in the very first tent I went in. The embroidery hoops were also a dollar each- I love the old metal ones they are so neat! I got the fabric tape measure for when I seriously get quilting (or sewing!), when I find the time… Oh and a sewing machine… Haha I can always use my mom’s. The piece of fabric they are resting on was also a dollar! I love the print- I want to sew it to a plain tote bag. My biggest purchase of the day was the beautiful, handmade, vintage rug in the last picture. Definitely spent more than a dollar on that haha. I have wanted a rug by my bed for a long time. This one was perfect. I walked away from it at first, determined not to spend a lot of money. But, I couldn’t leave without it in the end. Now that it’s in my room, I don’t want to step on it! I might end up using it as a wall hanging. Either way, it’s beautiful and I’m so glad I got it. Brimfield is so much fun. And great exercise! Tons of walking. I can’t wait for next year 🙂

last weekend





a walk to clear my head
a watercolor painting illustrating the way I see time in my head
a drive through childhood memories
tacky decorations at the high tide
my favorite dessert when I was 12 (not as good as I remembered… but with an ice cream flavor called “blue goo” what did I expect?? Why did I even eat that? hahaha)
the last weekend of June.

library visit: july 1st

Whenever I say I want to visit a library, people look at me with a measure of surprise. “Don’t you work at a library?” they ask. Yes, I do spend most of my days at a library. Yet working in a library and being a patron at a library are two very different things. So that is why, every month or so (I wish it were more) I will visit another library in our consortium and just be a patron. Browsing the stacks is one of my favorite things to do- and oftentimes, I go a little overboard. Here’s what I picked up Monday night:

Field Guide to Birds: Eastern Region” by: the National Audubon Society. We have so many interesting and pretty birds twittering around our house, and I want to get more familiar with them.
Howard’s End is on the Landing by: Susan Hill. The author takes a trip through her own personal library- she only reads books she already owns for one year- and discovers many things.
Daybook: the Journal of an Artist by: Anne Truitt. This is a deeply personal and beautiful journal of Anne Truitt, who was a sculptor. She writes of what it means to be an artist- when does one actually become “an artist”? A question I have been pondering of late.
Poems of William Wordsworth. I want to familiarize myself with the great poets. I started with Wordsworth… well, for no particular reason. Sure to inspire though!
The Watercolor Artist’s Bible by: Marylin Scott. I want to peruse various watercolor techniques. I will post about watercolors one of these days.. I’m getting very into them!
French Women Don’t Get Fat by: Mireille Guiliano. The art of eating for pleasure- I love that! The way the French view dining.. ahh, I love it.
Red Bird by: Mary Oliver. Oliver is becoming one of my favorite poets. She is very inspiring. Her poems are the perfect mix between beauty and readability. If you are not familiar with her work, pick up one of her books soon!
Still Points North by: Leigh Newman. A memoir about growing up in Alaska? I’ll take it.
The Country Diary of Garden Lore by: Julia Jones and Barbara Deer. With a title like that, how could I resist??
A Trail Through Leaves by: Hinchman. A guide to nature journaling, with text and drawings.
Well, that’s quite the stack I got for myself. I’ll be hard pressed to read them all in 3 weeks. I usually read them all at once, which is probably not the best method. Pick one up, put it down, try another.. repeat, repeat…
I am foreseeing needing a few renewals on this stack 🙂
What are you reading lately?