Hey there! How are you? Thanks for stopping by. I wish to you a very warm welcome to This Place.  I’ve created this blog space to document and share the interesting, fun, and beautiful places which I stumble upon or set out to find in New England. This unique area of the world has so many nooks and crannies to explore that are all a relatively short way from home… if you live in New England that is 😉 And even if you aren’t from this area, I hope to “take” you to these places virtually, and give you a taste of what this lovely area of the country is all about. Sprinkled amongst the New England treasures I will also share every day items that I find interesting and useful, home and gardening ideas, various creative projects and inspirations, outside-of-New England travel photos, and literary musings. I hope you find these posts interesting and useful as well, or at least mildly entertaining.

I hope the next time you have a free afternoon and want to go exploring, you can get some ideas from This Place.

Happy adventuring,

Callista 🙂

Happiness, not in another place, but in this place. Happiness, not for another hour, but this hour. -Walt Whitman