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Inspired by my favorite blogger Soulemama, here is my moment chosen from this past week. If you want to share your special moment too, please leave your link in the comments.


What did I do on my week off from library land? Why, I went antiquing of course! With a new home to fill and complete, I was on the hunt for a few key pieces. Curtains for all the rooms (I only found ones for my kitchen- and forgot to post a photo of them, drat! But they are a lovely dark peach colored gauze material), a kitchen hutch (success!), shelving for all rooms (still searching…), and a little rack for our shoes which are piling up by our front door (also still looking). It was just fun to have totally free afternoons (I wish I could always be on vacation!) to explore the awesome antique shops around Southwestern NH. My Favorites are White House Antiques in Wilton and Twin Elm Antiques in Peterborough. In my humble opinion, they should be called “Treasure Shops” 🙂
I was thinking of getting this little white shelf for my kitchen, but it was too small.. but look at that watering can! It’s so sweet! I might have to go back to get that.
I loved the contrast of this beautiful handmade blanket inside this huge copper bowl.. both were out of my price range, unfortunately.
I love vintage textiles.. look at those oak leaves and acorns! Such sweet embroidery 🙂 and baskets of buttons are always fun to dig around in.
This is the detail on the mid-19th century kitchen hutch I wanted to purchase (well, if I had over 1,000 dollars and if my kitchen wasn’t the size of a shoe-box…). I love the craftsmanship that went into those really old pieces. Just beautiful.
The full size of the mid-19th century kitchen hutch. Gorgeous.
The hutch that I ended up buying! It fits into the kitchen perfectly!
What really sold me on this hutch is the rough wooden bottom shelf. It looks like it was painted dark green at one point, and brown at another point. Both paint colors have since worn and the lovely original wood is coming through.
I also ended up with this little wooden divided box, which is now a little earring holder. Handy.
Another shot of the divided box, in the afternoon light.
What fun. I can’t wait to go treasure hunting again 🙂

new home and some rambles..





We moved last week. This is my new home. And my new antique hutch!
I have been absent for a long time from this blog, and I am honestly wavering on whether or not to continue- I have enough distractions.. Pinterest, Flickr, now Instagram… it all just seems so pointless sometimes. I need to spend more time actually living, rather then documenting my life. On the other hand, these tools do make me more mindful of capturing my “moments” to share- I recognize more of what is special to me, what makes me smile, and it is fun to share those things with others. I also like the idea of documenting my creative processes, especially if I start to sell my work, which I plan on doing.. someday. So I guess I will keep the ball rolling here- I’ll try not to be absent for months at a time.. I’ll try to be a “better blogger”, whatever that may be. Blogging sometimes just seems so… self absorbed? I don’t want to be that. I am trying to find a balance here.. I don’t want to over-share, I don’t want to hold back. I don’t want my creative pursuits to be tailored to an audience. But I also don’t want to keep certain things to myself. This blog, along with so many other things in life, must be about balance. I need to find that balance, find my voice; then I will feel more comfortable in this space.
This post is a little rambling, but that is how I feel inside… slightly adrift, slightly moored. I’m always in the middle of things it seems, always a contradiction. Does anyone out there know what I mean?