projects started and finished

Project started: a calendar!
Project finished: Ethan’s scarf! It only took me about a year (haha)
I’m not feeling the blog lately. Instead of feeling inspiring, it is definitely feeling pointless and self-centered. Signing off for awhile.

some cooking

It’s a blustery day out there today! The changing weather of autumn – crisp days, cold nights – is making me want to be in the kitchen more and more. I would not refer to myself as a “cook”. But I am slowly finding my feet in the kitchen since getting married. I want to be domestically capable, I want to make yummy treats and excellent meals. The pictures below are two of the “yummy treats” I’ve tried this October. The first was found on Pinterest- I love the recipe ideas there! The mini pumpkin pie recipe originally came from the website “Make and Takes” – and they came out quite yummy! The pizza was my own concoction. I just buy the organic pre-made crust and top it with whatever I like 🙂 This time I tried thinly sliced pear (I forget what kind now!), ham, goat cheese, and a balsamic glaze. Yum.







library “visit” ~ early october

I have a nice little stack of books going on at home lately, so I wanted to share some of the titles I’m currently perusing. As yesterday’s post conveys I am completely enjoying the coziness the autumn season brings, and my book choices of late reflect my feelings.

Prompted last week by finishing “The Art of Tasha Tudor” by Davis, I was inspired to request many of the books she illustrated (I have library visit in quotes because I didn’t actually make a special library visit, I requested the books to come to the library I work at. I know, took the easy way out. And the less fun way). I absolutely love Tasha Tudor’s illustrations. They evoke New England life and country life and simple life so beautifully, I want to jump right in one of them and live there. So I requested “Around the Year”, one of Tasha’s picture books which show children appreciating all of New England’s varying seasons. I also requested “A Child’s Garden of Verses, which was written by Robert Louis Stevenson and illustrated by Tasha Tudor. I wanted to take that one out because I too dream of illustrating poetry someday. Next I requested “The New England Butt’ry Shelf Almanac: being a collation of observations on New England people, birds, flowers, herbs, weather, customs, and cookery of yesterday and today” by Mary Mason Campell and illustrated by Tasha Tudor. What a gorgeous little book! I’m reading it a little bit each day on my lunch break. Finishing off the current Tasha Tudor obsession, I also requested “Drawn from New England” which is a portrait of Tasha in words and pictures by her daughter Bethany Tudor. Inspirational stuff.
Lately I’ve also been inspired by English gardening and architecture so in that vein I requested “Arts and Crafts Master: the Houses and Gardens of M. H. Baillie Scott by Ian Macdonald-Smith and “English Cottage Gardening for American Gardeners” by Margaret Hensel. I know I’m far away from gardening, and even farther away from an English manor house, but I still enjoy getting drawn in by the lovely photographs. Lastly, I got the book “Architectural Graphics” by Francis D.K. Ching. I thoroughly enjoy designing houses and drawing floorplans, so I want to learn some of the more technical (correct) ways to draw plans.
Well that rounds out my book selection for this week, what are you reading?

signs of fall

The beauty of the fall season is arriving bit by bit each day. Fall time makes me appreciate living in New England more than I already do. The light becomes more golden, the days become shorter, and we retreat inside into the cozy warmth of home a little earlier each day. Here are some of my favorite fall photos so far from this lovely season.