Blessings of Springtime

The past two weeks have seen lengthening days that seem to be getting warmer and warmer. The sun greets us early and stays later and later each day. I’ve been thrilled to see the first flowers come up; the crocuses and snowdrops, and also so happy to be able to go outside and take a walk or two! It’s been lovely to meander around the farm’s property and walk the surrounding roads in our new “neighborhood”. IMG_1784IMG_1836IMG_1845IMG_1814
Ethan has been working seven days a week trying to keep all of the seedlings alive and thriving in the greenhouse. He’s been cutting mixed greens that are growing faster and faster during the warm days. He’s also added baby oak leaf Kale to the farm store, which I hear is “tender and delicious” (I have yet to taste it myself). The business at the farm store isn’t exactly booming, but it is steady. When new customers come, they are more than welcome to take a tour of the farm with Steve, Ethan, or myself, which is pretty neat to see where your food comes from, and meet the farmers who cut and wash the greens.
IMG_1848IMG_1782The warm weather, the flowers, the fast growing greens, they all pale in comparison to the biggest blessing of all this past week-the birth of the baby goats! Two litters of kids were born this week to our Mama goats Molly and Coco!

waiting patiently for the baby goats to arrive…

Molly had her babies on Saturday night. She started around 6 PM with a boy. He was walking and trying to nurse so soon after being born that Steve called him “Spunk” and the name has stuck (although I prefer to call him “Arrow” because of an arrow-shaped marking on his side). About 45 minutes later, there came the little girl that we call “Fawn” because she has fawn-like coloring and such a sweet disposition. We all thought Molly was done birthing babies so Steve left the barn to get something at his house, leaving me and Ethan to cuddle the two babies. Next thing we know, Molly starts having another baby! I ran to get Steve as fast as I could, but Ethan ended up delivering her; another little girl that I call “Little Dot” and Steve calls “Ethan” (haha Ethan isn’t the best name for a girl, but she might have died if Ethan was not there at the right time!) It was a beautiful and amazing experience and I am so glad we were a part of it.IMG_1741IMG_1694The other goat on the farm, Coco, had her babies at 3AM on Tuesday. Ethan and Steve delivered her 3 kids (also two girls and a boy) while I slept soundly through those very early morning hours. I haven’t taken any photos of Coco’s babies because Coco is very leery of people and gets nervous easily (and I think she passed those traits on to her babies as well). But what I have seen of Coco’s babies is just as adorable and sweet as Molly’s kids. The arrival of the goats have brought us (or should I say them! haha) many visitors, which I have enjoyed greatly. IMG_1766IMG_1756IMG_1783IMG_1851The last two weeks have been busy and full of changes and of course, new life. We have settled into the new house on the farm quite well, considering we’ve only been there a week. I will post photos of the house once it looks more “broken in”, although I will share photos of the decoration process too.

IMG_1847Stop by the farm anytime, we and the goats would love to see you 🙂

Please forgive some of the poor photo quality, I used my phone for all of the photos in this post. I haven’t been organized enough to get out my “big camera”. But I hope to do a photo shoot of the baby goats soon!

Recently Read
A Three Dog Life by: Abigail Thomas ~ Thomas’ memoir discusses her experience caring for, and dealing with the aftermath of her husband’s traumatic brain injury. While this sounds as though it would be deeply depressing, Thomas writes with grace and even wit about her experiences. I read this book quickly and it made me appreciate the circumstances I have, and also how quickly things can change.
Stonlea: An Old House Remade for Our Times by: Peter W. Clement & Victoria Chave Clement ~ I picked up this book at the library because I recognized the house on the cover as the beautiful white house across from the Lake on Route 101 in Dublin, NH. I have always wondered about that house, so I ate this book right up, and really loved all of the floor plans that were included. Architecture and old houses fascinate me, and this book included both. Doing the photographs for a book like this would be such a dream job! 🙂

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