Sunapee Crafts Fair

An event I look forward to every summer is the League of New Hampshire Craftman’s annual fair held in Sunapee, New Hampshire. At the foothills of Sunapee’s ski mountain, a number of huge white tents are set up and within is every form of fine art, craft, and beautiful skilled art work you can imagine: Photography, painting, etching, ceramics, pottery, knitting, felting, weaving, jewelry, wood crafts, rock sculpture, and more!


Group weaving project – everyone’s invited to contribute!

Every summer growing up, my mom would take my sister and I to the Sunapee Craft’s Fair. We were each allowed to pick out one little thing to buy; a tiny carved and painted wooden goose, a stained glass sun-catcher, a pewter stegosaurus, a small raku pot in the “seconds” bin for 20 dollars. I still treasure these things. I’m thankful my mom introduced us to artisan made crafts at such young ages! Though I don’t get up to crafts fair every single year anymore, I still hold such a place of fondness for this fair in my heart. From here forward I will try not to miss it (I even drove up by myself just for the afternoon last August!). There are new things to see every summer! Many of the artisans put on live demonstrations. I personally loved watching Richard Foye’s raku pottery demonstration this past year. The colors he gets on his finished pots are so beautiful!

Richard Foye at work creating Raku pottery!


I’ve also always admired the carved wooden spoons. Two years ago, I finally got one! I am sad to say I cannot remember this artist’s name, but he was kind enough to show me the tools he uses to carve spoons and recommended ones for home carving. Another fun thing to do is take a ride up and down the chair lift to see the beautiful mountain view! You can buy tickets to do this in the lodge. I’ve only done that a couple times, but it is a stunning view – just don’t do it if you’re afraid of heights 🙂


There is a sculpture garden, fairy houses, a trout pond, a children’s tent, lots of yummy food. Really, something for everyone. The dates for this year’s Fair listed on the League of New Hampshire Craftsman’s Website are:

August 3rd to August 11th 2019 from 10 AM to 5 PM daily


I still think about these ceramic Koi Fish! 

As a random aside, I discovered a sweet little farm shop on the way home from the Fair last year ~ the Sweet Beet Market at 11 West Main Street in Bradford, NH. It’s a nice place to stop for a snack for the road or to get your week’s produce. I just thought it was super cute. A perk of driving home on back roads! You never know what you will discover.


As if there wasn’t enough to look forward to this summer 🙂



pottery for sale

Well I’ve finally done it. Thanks to the awesome people at Apotheca Flower Shoppe in Goffstown, I have started to sell my pottery. I have the following pieces up for sale now, with more to come this week.





This week I’ve parted with the raindrop vase, the swirl vase, the fused glass candle holder, the sparrow teabag holder, and the wildflower bowl. I was so excited when Apotheca accepted my work into their amazing shop; it made me feel like I can finally call myself a “local artist”. I have to say I’m proud of myself for fulfilling this goal (I know it’s far from being “fulfilled” – but hey, it’s a start!). I was also a little antsy and slightly sad about it too. It was strange thinking I would never see pieces again that I worked so hard on. I wish I could find out where each piece ends up. I put my twitter handle on each pottery tag I made so I really hope people will let me know if they buy one of my pieces. That would be really cool. If you live near Apotheca Flower Shoppe, definitely check out their local artists’ fair this coming weekend! They have such an awesome shop!

pottery love

I started pottery classes on a whim at the beginning of July. I am always itching for a creative outlet, and painting wasn’t doing it for me (it can just be so frustrating!). I have never done pottery before (why oh why didn’t I do it in school when it was FREE??), so I signed up for a Monday night class, and I can honestly say I am in love. Working on the wheel is mesmerizing, for one thing. I love the feeling of the slippery clay on the wheel, where every slight movement of the hands creates a different effect. I just learned the process of glazing two weeks ago..what a different form of art! You almost have to relinquish all control, all ideas of what your finished piece will look like- because you just don’t know. Depending on the thickness of the glaze, the amount of stirring you do, the temperature of the kiln, the oxygen the glazed piece is exposed to.. all of these factors (among numerous other things!) can completely change the finished look of the piece. It’s fun, the long waits between each firing, and then completely thrilling to see how the pieces come out of the final firing. Yes, I am really loving pottery.
A carved bowl is in the works, this one is waiting to be glazed. I plan to do a lot more free hand carving- I love how this looks, and can’t wait to see how the carving reacts to the glaze.
These are some of my miniature pots that I am obsessed with making, they are just so cute! And they shrink even more when fired- they are going to be tiny in the end!
Just some of the many glaze options for the gas kiln. I love the earthy tones the gas kiln produces.
I just glazed this carved bowl last week. I am hoping the glaze will pool into the indentations and create a great effect.
My two first-ever pottery pieces completed! The pot in the back was an experiment with routille purple glaze- one never knows how it will turn out. And the piece in the foreground is a little side dish pot, I hand-built the handles, I love how they came out!
My signature on the bottom of each pot.
This past Monday’s wheel creation.. not quite sure what this will turn into, but I will post the finished product!


I have been sick the last few days, so this post sort of lacks a focus (I’m still feeling pretty lousy). All the same, I did not want these photos and memories to be trapped in my iPhone for months (or forever) as I move on to other topics. These photos represent what the middle of June has been like. This beautiful month which seemed like it was lasting awhile, is now fleeing away quite quickly. I’m trying to hold on to each moment, as I know we probably won’t live in this beautiful place for another June.

A flowering dogwood at the farmer’s market in town.

Our lovely screen porch that has seen much sitting in the past couple weeks.

My first ever pottery creation on the wheel. I started a class last week, I think I’m in love…

There have been plenty of thunderstorms, which leave a wet silence and beautiful mist when they go, interrupted only by the trilling of happy tree frogs.

I’m trying to keep tiny fresh flowers by my bedside all summer long, and trying to drink wine more often – it’s a simple luxury I often forget about

The first “harvest” from our garden! A handful of crisp, yummy lettuce.

I love putting antiques to use! I found this amazing old tin at a local shop. It is now my lunchbox!

It’s quite a pretty present if I do say so myself! I gave this to my sister in law for her graduation last weekend.

The poppies bloomed! One of my favorite flowers. Now I know to admire them outside because the petals fall off of them in a day or two when cut.

So there they are, some bits and pieces of the middle of June. I love capturing all the little things; making them into something special.