Tuesday’s Inspiration: Paul Gauguin

This is an old idea of mine, resurfaced: Tuesday’s Inspiration. On one of my long ago blog attempts, I used to post something simple every Tuesday- something meaningful, beautiful and inspiring. I want to get back to this practice in order to share with you some of the artworks and writings of others that I find most inspiring. I love the spread of inspiration! Have an excellent Tuesday my friends 🙂


Kneeling Cow
Paul Gauguin

I chose to share this favorite painting of mine, Kneeling Cow, as I think of it very often: every time I see a cow in fact. Cows generally aren’t called ‘beautiful’ however, this cow is, and has made me view all the cows I see as beautiful. Just look at the profile Gauguin captured! The shape of his sweet nose, his calm mouth, and knobby knees. I don’t know, this painting just gets me. Additionally, this week I’ve been reading an excellent homesteading book before bed: Ben Hewitt’s The Nourishing Homestead : One Back-to-the-Land Family’s Plan for Cultivating Soil, Skills, and Spirit. I just started the chapter on keeping animals, so again, Gauguin’s Kneeling Cow has been on my mind and heart.

What’s inspiring you today? Do share.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Inspiration: Paul Gauguin

  1. One of my favorite weekly rituals is to pick up our fresh, raw,grass fed milk at Benedikt Dairy on Shirley Hill Rd. The tranquility that overcomes me each and every time I step foot in the barn and smell the earthy scent of the cows below bring me such joy. Often they are out in the field or sometimes even next to the barn and I always say a quiet thankyou to them for nourishing our bodies with such yummy goodness, and then I give thanks to our loving creator for providing these beautiful creatures for us to admire. I share your appreciation for these animals, and the Kneeling Cow is a wonderful delight. So that is what is on my mind right now sweet friend.


    1. Oh Gloria that is beautiful! I love the way you described this: it’s as though I’m right there beside you. I would love to see this farm someday, perhaps I can go with you! And amen to what you said about our loving creator 🙂 Not only are they beautiful, but they help to nourish us too.. what gifts to appreciate! Love, Callie


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