Farm Memories & Beyond

Do I miss the farm? I’ve been asked this a few times since we left the farm at the end of May. Overall, the answer is no. For all of it’s beauty and opportunity, it simply was not the right fit for us. We want to be free to travel, explore and work our own land (eventually). Those things being said, we so appreciated every moment we had there. What a learning experience! The lack of a computer made it difficult for me to keep up with the blog, and I’m sorry I neglected it. Although, it was fun today to go back through my photos and pick my favorites to share. It’s almost better to look back at something and write about it, rather than doing so in the moment. So this post will be about my happy memories of the farm and the aspects that I do miss. I certainly miss our yard, and taking nightly walks down the path outside our door, looping up into the fragrant apple orchard.  I miss the animals a whole lot. Every time I drive by the property, I crane my neck to look for the goats we helped bring into this world! I miss the feeling of holding Big Boy, the black goat pictured below; and I miss sweet Fawn, who was sold away to another farm. I even miss the little brown mice we would find hidden away in the greenhouse. And the week before we moved away, the sheep started to have their babies. The little lambs were so precious and I was grateful for all of the moments I was able to spend with them. Sheep are such good natured animals, we would definitely like some of our own someday.The property itself was lovely and having our own home is definitely something I miss. That said, it is fun to stay with family. Knowing that it is temporary and being so close to ones we love is worth the occasional inward sighs of wanting a home of ones’ own. We truly are blessed to have such generous family members. Caring for the plants was a special aspect to the farm of course. Being so completely responsible for the things one eats is a very engrained feeling. We were created to care for the earth and plants were created to nourish us. Being so in tune with that cycle was a special way to live. Our aim is to get back to that way of life, while balancing spiritual nourishment as well.         As we left another empty house, it wasn’t sadness we felt. We do not feel regret either. (Though I have to say, I do feel badly for all of the hours of work Ethan put in. But it was our choice to leave). We made beautiful memories on the farm yes, but by leaving, we are now able to make more varied and spiritual memories together (coming to the blog soon).     I think it is fitting to conclude this post with Ethan, peacefully sitting on a rock in Willard Pond. This photograph was taken on the evening of our big moving day out of the farm, May 30th 2015. I love everything about this photo: the ripples, his posture, the feelings it evokes. We only had a faint plan for our future when this photo was taken. We knew our stuff was getting stored, we knew we wanted to be as simple as possible, we knew we wanted to stop slaving for others and that we needed to slave for Who is important. And we knew we had two amazing mothers who would take care of us. The apartment at my mom’s house was yet to be conceived, and we were going to stay with Ethan’s mom until we figured something out. Despite the unknown, we were both at peace, taking the year’s first swim at Willard Pond, and I love that. We have Jehovah, each other, and our families- that is what matters.

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