what to do on a rainy day


I really love rainy days. I love the dim light coming in the house on mornings when it’s pouring rain outside. I love listening to the drops fall while I’m snuggled under the covers in the early morning hours. And what made this rainy day especially great? I didn’t have to work today! So I did the following:

I made some progress on my watercolor calendar I am making for the upcoming year (it will be done by January 1st!)


I visited my favorite local coffee shop for lunch and a latte and enjoyed some Bible study time there. I also popped into Toadstool bookshop where I picked up a 2014 lunar chart. My grandfather has one that I’ve always admired so I was thrilled to find one of my own.



I did some antiquing at the over-priced shops in Peterborough. I loved that mirror, but it was sadly out of my budget range…


20131127-164207.jpg20131127-164226.jpg20131127-164241.jpgI took a short walk by the river to see how much the water rose and snapped a few pictures (I love the new iPhone filters- the one good thing about iOS 7! Haha)

And lastly, I struck gold at the last (and more affordable) antique shop. I had a gift card to spend, and spend it I did! I’ve been looking for curtains since we moved in here and I found some for all of the bare windows! I also scored a sweet vintage rolling pin and some lovely tablecloths. I also got that rustic crate to solve our lack-of-a-mud room dilemma. Flipped on its side, we can put our shoes in it and my bags on top of it. Score.
Yes, I really do love rainy days.

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