pottery for sale

Well I’ve finally done it. Thanks to the awesome people at Apotheca Flower Shoppe in Goffstown, I have started to sell my pottery. I have the following pieces up for sale now, with more to come this week.





This week I’ve parted with the raindrop vase, the swirl vase, the fused glass candle holder, the sparrow teabag holder, and the wildflower bowl. I was so excited when Apotheca accepted my work into their amazing shop; it made me feel like I can finally call myself a “local artist”. I have to say I’m proud of myself for fulfilling this goal (I know it’s far from being “fulfilled” – but hey, it’s a start!). I was also a little antsy and slightly sad about it too. It was strange thinking I would never see pieces again that I worked so hard on. I wish I could find out where each piece ends up. I put my twitter handle on each pottery tag I made so I really hope people will let me know if they buy one of my pieces. That would be really cool. If you live near Apotheca Flower Shoppe, definitely check out their local artists’ fair this coming weekend! They have such an awesome shop!

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