library “visit” ~ early october

I have a nice little stack of books going on at home lately, so I wanted to share some of the titles I’m currently perusing. As yesterday’s post conveys I am completely enjoying the coziness the autumn season brings, and my book choices of late reflect my feelings.

Prompted last week by finishing “The Art of Tasha Tudor” by Davis, I was inspired to request many of the books she illustrated (I have library visit in quotes because I didn’t actually make a special library visit, I requested the books to come to the library I work at. I know, took the easy way out. And the less fun way). I absolutely love Tasha Tudor’s illustrations. They evoke New England life and country life and simple life so beautifully, I want to jump right in one of them and live there. So I requested “Around the Year”, one of Tasha’s picture books which show children appreciating all of New England’s varying seasons. I also requested “A Child’s Garden of Verses, which was written by Robert Louis Stevenson and illustrated by Tasha Tudor. I wanted to take that one out because I too dream of illustrating poetry someday. Next I requested “The New England Butt’ry Shelf Almanac: being a collation of observations on New England people, birds, flowers, herbs, weather, customs, and cookery of yesterday and today” by Mary Mason Campell and illustrated by Tasha Tudor. What a gorgeous little book! I’m reading it a little bit each day on my lunch break. Finishing off the current Tasha Tudor obsession, I also requested “Drawn from New England” which is a portrait of Tasha in words and pictures by her daughter Bethany Tudor. Inspirational stuff.
Lately I’ve also been inspired by English gardening and architecture so in that vein I requested “Arts and Crafts Master: the Houses and Gardens of M. H. Baillie Scott by Ian Macdonald-Smith and “English Cottage Gardening for American Gardeners” by Margaret Hensel. I know I’m far away from gardening, and even farther away from an English manor house, but I still enjoy getting drawn in by the lovely photographs. Lastly, I got the book “Architectural Graphics” by Francis D.K. Ching. I thoroughly enjoy designing houses and drawing floorplans, so I want to learn some of the more technical (correct) ways to draw plans.
Well that rounds out my book selection for this week, what are you reading?

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